Lon Wong
CEO of ProximaX, Founder of NEM Foundation
Blockchain Reimagined and Evolved
CEO of ProximaX, a Blockchain technology platform. Prior to ProximaX, Lon founded and served as the first president of the NEM.io Foundation, Ltd., Lon is also the founder and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte. Ltd., a fintech company that specializes in mobile payments using Blockchain technology.
Bill Yao
Founder of PPTV, Partner of BlueRun Ventures
Value Investment and Public Chain Ecosystem
Bill is committed to Blockchain investment and entrepreneurship. Bill created the very first P2P online TV of the world, which is PPTV, in 2004. It obtained the hundreds of millions dollar of investment from top VC organizations worldwide , such as SoftBank, BlueRun Ventures and DFJ.
Salim Ali
CEO of Loyakk,Former VP of SAP
Enterprise Transformation through Blockchain
Former VP of SAP, CEO of Loyakk which has built a tokenized data container blockchain platform for enterprise that already has 5 multi billion dollar companies as clients including SAP, Novartis, Abott, Infosys, Nissan and one of the most credible teams in the industry.
Alan Lau
N22 Technologies Ltd CEO
Edge Computing & Blockchain Technology: The Next Big Wave
Alan has more than 36 years experience in sales and marketing, management and investment. The founding member and Vice President of the Shanghai Computer Society, Fellow Member of British Institute of Analysts and Programmers, Member of British Computer Society, Mensa International Member.
John Wantz
How Shoppers Can Take Control of Their Own Data and Monetize It
John Wantz is a serial retail entrepreneur and a former head of Target’s Innovation group. John architects conceptual design decisions behind the Protocol’s retail smart contracts, on-chain and off-chain data considerations, and strategies behind tokenized and trustless value exchanges between Brands and Shoppers.
Sankalp Shangari
CEO & Founder of LaLa World
Banking The Unbanked using Blockchain
Sankalp Shangari is the CEO & Founder of LaLa World, a Blockchain based company which is building a Global Digital Decentralized Financial Ecosystem to support the inclusion of the Unbanked, Undocumented, Micro-entrepreneurs, Students and everyone else.
Salman Habib
Co-founder&CEO of Hellofriend
Social Media on the Blockchain: Data Privacy and Creating Network Effects
Salman Habib is a Co-founder & CEO of Hellofriend. His work lies in the intersection of blockchain technology, AI, and social media. He’s currently based in Boston, MA. Salman studied Government, Economics, and Nuclear security at Harvard. Salman has previously worked for the United Nations and U.S. Senate.
CEO of STED.io
Unleashing the Power of 10 Billion Things
Eric CHOY was the GM for Century Innovative Technology. Later, he ran bizdev for marketing agency Digital Agility, and set up global marketing consultancy, Alpha. His recent passion is about amalgamating IoT, blockchain and emerging technologies with STED.io
Jimmy Chan
CEO of TuYYo
Next Generation Secure instant “messaging”
Mr. Chan is the VP of N22, and he has been in the IT industry for more than 30 years. Mr. Chan was the founder and CEO of www.newwebpick.com. Before that, Mr. Chan was VP of Compaq Computer, GM of Sales and Marketing, Sun Microsystems China, Marketing Director of Digital Equipment China.
Garlam Won
Head of Global Partnership at ICONIZ
Finding Opportunities in Blockchain: It is 1997 again
Head of global partnership at ICONIZ and CSO of TIP Blockchain, Garlam Won has rich experience in Investment Banking from JP Morgan and Management Consulting from Deloitte, Garlam is a strong strategist with a vast network of connections in the blockchain space.
Sang H. Lee
CEO and co-founder of DarcMatter
The Crypto-Evolution of Financial Services
Sang H. Lee is the CEO and co-founder of DarcMatter, The Global Award Winning FinTech Platform. Formerly an investment banker at BNP Paribas, Sang has experience in the advisory and execution of more than $10.0 Bn equivalent of investment banking transactions in North America.
Fubai Zhong
Co-founder of Nebulas
Future Development and Technical Issues of Public Blockchain
Co-founder of Nebulas, former architect of Ant Financial blockchain platform He used to be the senior R&D director and the head of game business of Dolphin-browser. He founded the first blockchain online mutual aid platform Tongxinclub in China.
Haiyang Xu
Jinghang Blockchain CEO, Former Chief Architect at Baidu
Prospects of Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology
CEO of Jinghang Blockchain, former chief architect at Baidu, core developer of Baidu search engine, AI experts of MSRA. He is proficient in the design and development of large-scale computer system architecture, and he is also active in the cutting edge of blockchain technology.
Haifeng Liu
Chairman of STBChain, Founder of Blockchain Dreamworks
Blockchain Makes Easier Software Circulation
Chairman of STB Chain Foundation, founder of Blockchain Dreamworks, partner of BDFund, chairman of MIIT expert committee. STB Chain is a world-leading decentralized, tamper proof and traceable scientific and technological achievement trading system.
Founder & CEO of Biche HIT
Token Economy Unlocks Business Growth of 100X
Founder & CEO of Yaofache, founder of Hotel Tonight Special, head of JD Daojia and rewarded as Forbes China 30 under 30. Yaofache is a blockchain and digital currency information aggregation and technical service platform which is concentrating on building a complete blockchain industry database.
Lu Gan
Founder & CTO of Yuanben Blockchain
How Blockchain Empowers the Internet?
Founder and CTO of Yuanben Blockchain, and co-founder of primas. Previously serving as the technology leader of Lenovo mobile browser. Previously being the product manager of Baidu mobile browser. Gan is a blockchain technologist, and also has the thorough research to artificial intelligence, computer vision and cryptography.
Hailin Wong
R&D Director of Taikang Online Internet Development
Blockchain+Internet Insurance --- Remodelling Insurance Service
R&D Director of Taikang Online Internet Development, he led the building of the blockchain anti-fraud alliance system, which has been put into use and has performed data synchronization and data sharing with multiple channels.
Sandris Murins
Co-founder & Strategic Director of Iconiq Lab
Research insights into Top 200 most valuable tokens
Co-founder & strategic director of Iconiq Lab, AI tokenisation & ICO advisor of BRAINCITIES LAB, AI tokenisation expert of Ubex AI. Iconiq Lab is an ICO and Token Launch seed fund and accelerator.
Jiafeng Li
Senior Information Security Engineer of 360, Tutor of Butian
Security Issues of Blockchain
Senior information security engineer of 360 , and whitehat hacker tutor at Butian. He gave speech on lots of security conferences such as Defcon, syscan360, and HITBseconf. He also shared his security issues at some well-known conferences like ISC and GITC.
Zhongyuan Ren
Expert of Wanxiang Blockchain Consulting Business
Reflections on the Innovation and Practice of "Blockchain+Internet Insurance"
Daniel Lv
Co-Founder & COO of Nervos Foundation
Nervos, Next Generation Blockchain Infrastructure
As a senior architect and blockchain expert, Lv has been engaged in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for 5 years. He used to serve as the co-founder and CTO of imToken and the initiator of EthFans, co-founder of of baoquan.com, co, core developer of PEATIO, and former CTO of of yunbi.com.
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy
Founder of LATOKEN
Tokenization and exchanges on blockchain
Founder of the multi-asset trading and tokenization platform LATOKEN. Chairman of the BEF organizing committee. Ex Managing Partner of Avega Capital hedge fund. Founder of the global communities Founders Developers and WorldModel.co.
Aly Madhavji
Partner of Blockchain Founders Fund
How Blockchain will Affect Various Industries and Go Mainstream
Aly Madhavji is the Managing Partner at the Blockchain Founders Fund and a Co-Founder and the Former CEO of Global DCX. He used to worked with PwC, PayPal, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and INSEAD.
Riaz Mehta
Founder& CEO Allrites & Imagine Group
Blockchain is Fueling Asian Media to Reach Global Audiences
Founder & President of Imagine Group - a leading producer of large-scale reality TV shows across Asia. Imagine’s shows broadcast worldwide to over 40 countries now. AllRites is a powerful ecosystem designed to take advantage of trends in the media industry and the crypto space.
Steven Dong
Founder of EtainPower
Blockchain+AI: Innovative Energy Solutions
Founder of EtainPower and early investor in blockchain. As a serial entrepreneur, he has been researching and investing blockchain and cryptocurrency over 4 years. Steven graduated from University of Texas as a Master of Finance.
Ge Yang
Founder of Skysaga Capital
Industrial Upgrading in Digital Asset Era
Founder of Skysaga, Partner of Camelu Group. Previously working as VP of Dajiang Investment and investment director of BEIJING INTERNATIONAL TRUST CO.,LTD. Then he created Skysaga Capital, managing more than 2 billion yuan.
Artem Chestnov
Ubex CEO & Co-founder
Decentralized Global Advertising Exchange Platform
Artem is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing, mainly focused on the European market. Artem graduated from INSEAD MBA in France and Singapore and spent most of his career in the Netherlands and Belgium as head of marketing and innovations for a major consumer goods company.
David Abbott
Founder of ReelCash
Blockchain Integrates Fragmented Market
Mr. Abbott has been a groundbreaker in many industries, he has Founded ReelCash Outdoors Inc., an online fishing tournament platform utilizing blockchain technology to create the first ever global fishing league by consolidating a highly lucrative fragmented market.
Popo Chen
Founder of COBINHOOD and DEXON
Empowering Decentralization with Next Generation Blockchain Technology - DEXON
The CEO and Founder of COBINHOOD, the world’s first zero trading fee cryptocurrencies exchange.Chen has also created DEXON, the fastest blockchain available on the market aimed at guiding mass adoption within the banking industry and real-world application requirements.
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